What is tig welding? Definition of Tig Welder

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The beauty of finely worked objects points to the beauty of craftsman. As a craft person, can you think of a day of your work without a welding machine?

I know you can't, and most of the things we are using today are somehow constructed by welding.

Welding is a hot, tough and needs physical tasking but it is absolutely necessary for a variety of products and infrastructures.

Many people don’t realize the importance of welding that plays in everyday life, from consumers and the general public to company leaders.

I am here today to spread insight into the most popular welding method called TIG welding so that you can learn more about it and appreciate the versatility. So, what is TIG welding? Let's have a look.

What Is TIG Welding?

A TIG welding refers to tungsten inert gas welding, also known as gas tungsten arc welding. It is an electric fusion welded prefabricated unified structure method.

This process takes advantage of a non-consumable tungsten electrode to produce the weld. Though it requires a high level of skills, the result is worthy.

How does it work? It is a fabrication or sculptural process that compels an arc between the base metal and the non-consumable tungsten electrode. It produces high-quality welds that molten plastic or metal as filler.

It is used to join two materials like stainless steel, plastic, aluminum or polymer and melt them together. It applies high heat to melt the parts together, allowing them to freeze to make a fusion. It utilizes metal-joining methods that don't melt the root metal.

You can use it to join almost all types of metal with its high-quality welding process. They don't diffuse like other welding methods, so it gives a nice and smooth finishing touch. Whether you have any filler metal or not, you can use your TIG welding as it requires no filling and gives separate control over the heat.

 You can give a super clean and perfect look to your material using the TIG welding process. It can increase and decrease the amount of heat by foot pedal features. It helps to control the weld and the result you want to give to your elements. As it doesn't make any spark or smoke, the outcome is precise.

What Is TIG Welding Used For? 

TIG welding is a very nice tool if you do a lot of welding works in your projects. It's a very handy accessory and the tungsten automatically works to a position.

Can you imagine how welding impacts your daily life all the way?

It is a fundamental part of everyday life. From vehicles to fast rise office buildings, tube lines to roadways, airplanes to rockets, none of it would be plausible without welding. TIG welding is one of the most popular welding processes from all.

It can be applied in a large variety of metals to aid any creation or repair of any items. It is most common in the automotive, aerospace, repair and sculpture fields. How? Let's check and see.



TIG welding is used in aircraft to construct the parts of the spaceship. The planes and even rockets have benefited by this process as this is also great for complex art. Whether it's a commercial plane or International Space Station, TIG welding is notable for its precise and intensity.



TIG welding is widely used in the automotive industry as it's known for the safe and secure formation process. To reduce erosion during designing vehicles or mobile TIG welding methods are stronger and safer. To avoid melting decay from frequently welding, TIG welding operation is a preferred process that automotive industries choose to work with.



Did your little person at home break his toys? Did you break a part of your car or accessories in your kitchen? No worries, the TIG welding process is here to provide you the best and safe services.


                                      Sculpture and Art

I know how much you are serious about your art crafts. You must want to give it a superior appearance and perfecting touch, right? The TIG welding method is praised for satisfying your desire in which you can rely on.

TIG welding is high quality and strong welding process that is extremely precise and chosen by industrial vast work.


                                     Career Opportunity

Are you fantastic in welding and love to do it? Then this is an amazing slot for your career. Want to know how it is a career opportunity for you? Read and know how it can be your career goal.

There is an infinite number of career opportunities for those people who are properly trained to use the welding machine.

To know how to TIG weld you need to learn some specific technique as it is a unique process. If you already know how to do it properly, here are 5 job opportunities you can look to.


Structural Welding

In order to weld metal parts of a structure TIG welding stainless steel and aluminum is a frequent need.


Pipe Welding

To install plumbing, welding pipe is a continual job to do. Pipe welding requires much knowledge about welding. It is important to know how to weld and fasten different types of metal together.


Aircraft Welding

One of the most complex yet important jobs you can do is joining the airline industry. It requires high frequency and very sharp skills for a safety basis. Usually to construct new parts or repair any parts of an airplane TIG welding process is highly applied.


Thin Alloy Welding

The TIG welding technique is perfect to work on thin materials. In this case, you can find your career opportunities by your TIG welding skills into construction or electronics companies.


Pipeline Welding

You can join as a pipeline welder that requires lots of travel, as to work on it, you have to weld various parts of the pipe that carried gas or water. To build or repair any pipe knowing TIG welding is a very important part.

What Gas Is Used for TIG Welding? 

To obtain energy for welding it may use a gas flame or an electric arc, a laser or an electron shaft, erosion, and ultrasound.


TIG welding uses Gas Tungsten Arc welding for its process. To heat the filler metal, it utilizes a tungsten electrode and shielding gas. It heats the two weld piece ends to be joined together. Through the shaft of ionized gas and metal vapors, it makes an arc allows constant power source that generates energy.

Final Words

While crafting new things, the importance of TIG welding knows no bounds. If you were wondering what is TIG welding, this article will give you a brief detail. As you’ve gone through it, you should know by now all the information you need.

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