What Is An Arc Welder? Briefly Describe

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Before I describe you any statistics, logic or examples of why welding is so important today in our modern world, I would like to ask you to take a glimpse around.

Do you know that half of our structures today would not exist without the advantage of welding?

The car you are driving every day or the aircraft you are riding to fly would be nothing without the frame; and without the frame, you have no vehicles.

Are you being a bit serious now? Good for you, so, keep reading.

Do you know how the frame is created? The reason the frames are so strong and powerful is just because they went through the welding process.

If you want a welding process that is very flexible yet cheap and easy to learn, choosing arc welding for your work will be a smart choice. Want to know what is an arc welder? Without any further discussion, let's dive in.

What Is An Arc Welder?

The arc welder first developed in the late part of the 19th century. With an arc welder, you get to use a preheat arc to join two pieces of the workpiece.

The arc uses enough heat in order to melt metal. The melted metals are used like sandwiched bond and it joints the metal when it becomes cool.

Power Supply

You’ll require a power supply to create an electric arc. It uses either direct (DC) or alternating (AC) current power source to connect it by work cable with the workpiece.

The arc can be either manual or semi-automated or fully automated. The manual process mechanically guided the line of the join, while the electrode may simply carry the current or directs the current.

Simultaneously, it melts into the weld jackpot to provide filler metal to join.

Molten System

In the arc welder, the arc is used to create intense heat and this heat then joins the metals together.

The arc can produce a temperature of about 6500-degree across the gap when the power supply provides enough current. In this step, the electrode strikes the workpiece and prepares a continuous flowing melt to create joining paste. Thus the metallic melt joins workpieces together.


You must be wondering how the arc welder creates a very strong bond among metals. It is because the joining is an intermixture of metals and the conclusive weldment potentially has the exact stability as the metal of the workpiece. This makes it a non-fusion procedure of joining in which the base materials will remain similar at the joint point.

Since the metals react chemically to oxygen and nitrogen in the air, the high heat temperatures minimize the connection of the molten metal with the air. The arc, protective shielding gas or slag is used to perform this process.

When it will finally cool down, the molten metal’s solidify to form a metallurgical union.


Arc welder is one of the most common welding processes that use very simple equipment such as handle, tube, nozzles, gaseous shield, arc, and consumable electrode.

Usually, the area where you need to weld is protected by some type of shielding gas or vapor.

The process provides a stable and spatter-free arc.

There are different forms of an arc welder, such as MIG welding, TIG welding, and Stick welding.

What Is an Arc Welder Used For?

There are many welding techniques but arc welders are very suitable for all of them. Whether you want to use it in a middle size industry or your home, arc welder can do your work finely. Let's know the technology behind arc welder to learn it properly.

 1. Automotive

Welding is most useful for accessories work and larger structural jobs. As a car owner, you probably face some problems like a cracked panel, a rust patch, or a stab on the surface of the vehicles.

Arc welder is extremely effective and works quickly by its continuous flowing weld. If your shop runs on a budget, choosing Arc welding will be great for your store. Save time and money both by fixing the trouble itself instead of replacing entire fractions.

2. Aerospace

Aerospace manufacturing is a high- technology industry that produces aircraft and needs much-complicated pieces.

Though there are other welding processes, Arc welder techniques are especially in demand in the aerospace industry, as they are used on aluminum, a metal that is strong and also the lightweight metal at the same time. Arc welder does its work very generously in these types of material.

3. Personal Use

You must not want to spend lots of money on fasten work at your house for any needs, right? Yes, no one wants that but if you are thinking that welding is expensive for your home to modify, you are wrong. The arc welder process is much cheaper and also easy to learn.

Are you a person who loves to do a DIY project? Then these process will become a favorite of you if you use it once. Moreover, welding is pursued by many people as a hobby. You can also use it as a source of art if you're a creative-minded soul.

4. Repair

Arc welding is a commonly used technique in which the cracked material is repaired. It is an essential process in the fabrication of some structures.

Are you tired of fastening one material repeatedly? You don't have to take stress if you use Arc welder in this case, as it will give a very strong joint for a very long time.

5. Career Opportunity

Are you good at welding or interested to learn it? Then it's a wonderful time for you to think about a career in welding.

Do you know welding sometimes described more as an art than a craft? Yes, it is a modern profession with many opportunities in professional art life.

Arc welding is changing by time and appeals to be more adapting, dynamic, and challenging levels. It demands modern knowledge to work with. So, if you are good at welding, many opportunities are waiting for you in various fields.

You are a beginner in the welding spot? The good news for you is that arc welding is very easy to learn and it is one of the most versatile processes. So you can simply learn it and use it for your successful career.

What Gas Is Used For Arc Welding?

Arc welding usually uses inert shielding gases or semi inert gases. The gases are used to protect the weld spot from water vapor and oxygen.

gas arc welding

Some arc welding processes use alternative methods to protect the weld area. Sometimes it uses an electrode covered in a flux that produces carbon dioxide as semi-inert gas in order to weld steel. Gas is selected depending on the workpieces.

Remember that Improper choice of a welding gas can lead to weak or excessive spatter weld.

Final Words

If you look back in the past, you can see that welding had been used for many years. Since from Bronze age to the Iron age, it has spread out around the world. As we know now what is an arc welder, it is clear that it is one of the most suitable welding processes for any type of work that needs welding.

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