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We have been running an automobile workshop for more than ten years. Through these years, we have made some good friends. And tig welders are one of them. Since we are walking together for a long time, why don't we write an honest review of our friends?

That's why we have aimed to give the tig welder reviews through this article. Maybe this would be the most straightforward article -that no one has ever written. So, we are requesting you to stick with us till the end.

Now, what will you read in this article?

Obviously, here you will not find any consumer influencing pitch or call to action. Instead, you will read some bitter truths of each product at the first stage. Then in the next stage, there will be a buying guide, which reflects the client demand. Finally, some questions and answers-that every welder user asks.

So, let's start our review with the top ten tig welder reviews.

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 Top Reviewed Products:

#1st Rated

AHP AlphaTIG 200X 200

This is one of our best choice because of its unique features and positive output with high quality performance. So, pick it as our expert give it 1st rated product.

#2nd Rated

MophornTig Welder 200 Amp

Mophorn Tig Welder is our 2nd rated reviewed products with extraordinary characteristics. So pick it without any confusion.   

#3rd Rated

MTS-205 205 Amp

This one is very special for its multi-functional activities and outstanding reviews. So pick it with positive intention.  

Top 10 tig welder reviews:

As you are here to read the tig welder reviews, we are bound to give you a precise result for your convenience. Here you will find ten different tig welders and a reflection of their user-experience.

Since we will show you the real-time experience through our writing, you will see positive and negative outputs of every product -in a precise way. Therefore, without wasting your time, let's get into the reviews.

Author comments: Premium Choice

Based on our experience, this welder machine has the best stick for its smoothness. The stick arcs without lag. Once you start, it will make your arc experience better. We tested the stick on 6013, 3081, and 7018 stainless rods in ⅛ and 3/32.

It worked perfectly on the specific metal but did not work in 6010 because of an inverter issue. That could be a negative side for you. Still, it works excellent in AC mode. The best part of the AC mode is smoothness, which does not offer the other companies.

Another great feature of this tool is; it can work in limited voltage. For example, we had to arc within 120v where 240v was inaccessible. In that working place, this tool provided excellent support. But the one bitter experience we faced during the work, which is; the digital readout system and knob, cannot give the same result.

It's healthy (we guess) in that situation. Still, it tigs well in our perspective. We tried a .20mm thick stainless steel with this. It satisfied us with its work. So, if you are thinking of buying it, then click the amazon link to learn more. Before that, here are the pros and cons:

AHP AlphaTIG 200X 200


  • Great accessories
  • Electric efficient
  • Amazing torch head


  • We did not like the digital readout feature

2. MophornTig Welder 200 Amp

Author comments: Best Overall

A worthy tig welder for your home use. One of our automobile engineers tested it. According to his experience, this welder comes in 110v built-in set up, and the producer does not provide the regulator with the delivery.

Maybe this review seems odd. But the best part is its support. For instance, our engineer welded metal sheets -that range from 18 to 10 gauges. On that welding time, this tool supported high.

To check the tool strength, he tried angle sheets by setting a 50 amp duty. It worked like magic, even in odd positions. The main reason for this magical work was the torch. A trigger manages this torch.

However, there is one thing about the torch. Not the "torch." In total, the tool. It cannot correctly handle the aluminum. After all, it is okay for home use. For more details, click the amazon link. Before clicking the link check the pros and cons.

MophornTig Welder 200 Amp


  • Two different weldings
  • Overvoltage and heat protection
  • Multi functioned


  • Their aluminum welding is tough

3. MTS-205 205 Amp

Author comments: Best Quality

People who want multi-functional welding tools. This tool may help them. We just tried the tig feature of this machine. So if you are one of them who needs a diversified welding machine, you can get a decent tig welder review from here.

First, we are going to write about the company features -that we liked most. Then, there will be an example. The best things about this machine are; it has three types of use (mig, tig, stick). With these unique features, a user can weld aluminum, mild, and alloy steel.

Not only can they weld steel, but they can also work with different kinds of wires. For example, flux cord wiring can work on aluminum and solid cable. To enjoy these great features, you might have a risk of overheating, short circuits, or voltage fluctuation.

These sorts of unexpected issues have been solved with their IGBT advanced technology. And these are the features we liked from the company. Now, it is time for a real example. We tried this tool over a 79 CJ5 vehicle repair.

During the time of reconstruction, we found some smooth fat beads to link up our 1-ton axles. To perform the arc, we applied 120v and 220v. It worked great for us because we were struggling with the thin frame metal welding. This tool just made our work easy.

For that reason, we rated this machine 4.5 out of 5. The idea behind this rating is -we found the tig torch a bit loose. Overall it is decent. Don't rely on us; there might be more things you need to know. So click the amazon link, before that check the pros and cons:

MTS-205 205 Amp


  • Three different welding options
  • Advanced IGBT technology
  • It has overheating and voltage fluctuation protection


  • Customer service could be better

4. Miller DC TIG Welder Maxstar 150 STL

Author comments: Best Brand

In the welder industry, Miller electric has a phenomenal reputation. As a part of their fame and invention, this tiny tig welder has won thousands of hearts. We are one of them who always praised the Miller invention after their birth.

And this Tig welder review will be a good reflection of our honest experiment. So, the first thing about this welding machine is; it can go through a 7018 stainless steel rod in ⅛" without having any problem. To balance the welding technique, we had to add a remote foot pedal and torch Collette for our convenience. The motto of our replacement was to get a good grip on the gas lens and ceramic gas cup.

Another tremendous thing about the product is -its Maxstar 150 STH. This one is perfect at the high-frequency start — a perfect combination for working on the thin metal gauge. While we are writing about the positive sides, we found a negative side in its duty cycle, and it is not up to the mark like a production machine.

Other than that, it is good to go. It is only our opinion if you think you need further more information, feel free to click on Amazon link. But at least read the pros and cons first.

MTS-205 205 Amp


  • Portable
  • DC only
  • It is applicable for tig and stick


  • The duty cycle could not satisfy us

5. PRIMEWELD TIG 225 amp

Author comments: Best Overall

Maybe the duty cycle of Primeweld TIG welder can satisfy your tig demand. Our engineers tried this welder in DC mode. In that mode, they tried 3/16th angle and flat aluminum welding, and the tool welded consistently.

To weld the aluminum material, our experts used around 40% duty cycle. With that duty cycle, it did not show any break after 5 to 6 minutes of welding. So, the dc mode worked fine for us. On the other hand, the group also tested the AC mode by welding a 0.050 T-joint aluminum.

It took the frequency of 100 and did not go down. Thus, the satisfying test apparently influenced us to rate 5 out of five. But one thing we considered is - this machine cannot run on 6010 and 6011 rods as we expected.

So, we recommend you to check the amazon recommendation through our link. But before that, please check the pros and cons.



  • It has a quality tig torch
  • Advanced technology
  • Dedicated knobs


  • It cannot run on 6010 and 6011 rods

6. EverlastPowerTIG 185

Author comments: Best Quality 

Comparatively, this welding machine is lighter than other tig welders. We used this tool for 20 days since we had other tig welders. For the review, our team checked this welder.

Based on their opinion, this tig welder can weld maximum ¼" multi-pass steel and 0.007 minimum steel. Aside from the steel, it can also weld the aluminum. To keep this welding inflow, everlast has a 35% duty cycle.

Our team did not find any problem during the application of the duty cycle. They preferred this for hobbyists and home-based jobs because the Ac mode is not satisfying for its frequency.

Maybe this short review will not satisfy some of you. That is why it is wise to click on amazon for more details. But read the pros and cons first.

EverlastPowerTIG 185


  • Lightweight
  • Five years of warranty
  • Good duty cycle


  • We are not satisfied with the AC mode

7. MophornTig Welder 160 Amp

Author comments: Best For The Beginner

Some welder experts believe that -this welder represents what the manufacturer offers. To know the facts in-depth, we decided to portray the official provides first. Then, we will show a real example based on our experience.

The first thing is the official features that we liked most. This welder offers stick and arc argon welding. These two welding functions can run on brass, copper, and stainless steel. For running over the mentioned materials, it uses 110 to 220 voltages.

During the usage of this electric power, there might be chances of overheating, short circuit. The officials say that- it has advanced protection to protect the accident.

We ran this welder on stick and tig mood. In that mood, it supported us well. Still, we are not satisfied with the torch accessories. Why? You may need extra tape to wrap up the regulator to protect from leakage.

Apart from these torch accessories, this one is perfect for the beginner. Still, there are a lot more things to know. We recommend you to click our Amazon link. But don't miss the pros and cons:

MophornTig Welder 160 Amp


  • Dual voltage
  • Smooth welding function
  • It is secured and safe


  • We did not like the torch accessories

8. Weldpro Digital TIG 200

Author comments: Best Quality

This is definitely perfect for DIY enthusiasts. They can do whatever they want to do with this machine. We tested this Weldpro welder in all modes. And it satisfied us with its quality. For example, we tried this machine on ⅛" 7018 rods.

It ran great without any lag on that rod. Both AC and DC mood within 120v power worked well during the test. The fascinating feature of this tool is its diversified AC range- which is 30 to 70%.

Not only the mentioned features can improve your work experience, but also the features like 2T and 4T torch trigger can help you to work in odd positions. During the time of working in various locations, you will get a good grip from the foot pedal. This pedal is strong enough to handle your pressure.

Though the foot pedal can handle the pressure, the arc cannot blow a hole properly because of the arc distance. Apart from this loophole, this device is good to go. So, whenever you have decided to buy, please read the amazon detail. We just put our experiences here.

Weldpro Digital TIG 200


  • It provides quality accessories
  • Perfect for the DIY enthusiast
  • Good instruction manual


  • Short arc distance.

Author comments: Budget Friendly 

When there are two options between Hobart or Miller, most of the engineers get confused on which one to buy. Like an average audience, our engineers puzzled. Luckily, this situation did not last long because they wanted a portable device for them - that will fulfill all their regular needs.

And Hobart has made it happen. This product comes in a torch, regulator, pedal, and ground strap. Inside the flame, there is tungsten. So, you are all set to go when the box comes in. You will only need a bottle of argon welding gas.

This machine has up to 165 amp, though we did not need more than 130 amp for the steel, and 150 amp for the aluminum. For performing all of the weldings correctly, this welding tool costs a 20% duty cycle. In a nutshell, it is perfect for light work including with its budget.

Apart from all of the positive things, we got a short power cord. If your workstation is close enough to the switch socket, then it is okay. Still, we prefer to check the amazon detail, cause we don't want to make you regret it.

Hobart 500551 EZ-TIG Welder


  • Maximum 3/16 thickness
  • The minimum amp is 10
  • Portable


  • It has a short power cord


Author comments: Best For The Beginner

The last product of our list had impressed us with its decent features. Features like the tig torch. This torch comes in a 115v cord. With this long pigtail cord, you can get tig up to 11 gauges within 120 amp.

If you increase the amperage of more than 120, then it will automatically shut down. That is why we prefer this machine for beginners. A professional can also use this machine if he/she can change the cord 283v.

With this plug, one can apply up to 183 amp for heavier bar stock welding. This welding process can be done easily if a user uses small argon gas. The process could be more straightforward if the product comes in a foot pedal. Sadly, the manufacturer does not offer the foot pedal.

Thus, we recommend you to give a short trip in amazon from our link -after checking the pros and cons.



  • It is a multifunction welder
  • Ideal for tig welding
  • Amazing temperature control


  • It does not come with a foot pedal

Tig Welder Buying Guide

As a consumer, when we were searching for the tig welding machine, we checked a ton of review sites and forums. In that review and discussions, the audience was talking about the duty cycle, input power, weight and size, and the technology.

Since most of them are talking about the mentioned topics, we decided to write a buying guide regarding the specific points. If a newbie or professional consider the earlier mentioned points, then there is a high chance of winning.

Duty cycle:

Maybe this one is a vague concept for newbies. Let us clear the confusion then; duty cycle means the activation of a welding machine within ten minutes. For example, if a 150amp welding machine has a 30% duty cycle, then you have to keep it in rest for seven minutes- after continuous use.

This break may be a waste of time for the professionals. That is why we prefer to consider the highest DC before buying. This mood can save enough time, which you wasted for tungsten cooling down. So, check the DC capability during the time of checking the duty cycle. A 20% duty cycle is good enough if you have a light task.

Input power:

It depends on the task. If the duty is cumbersome then the input power should be high. For example, if the materials are dense and thick, then a high input machine can help you. Now, most of the AC and DC parameters are equally balanced at modern tools. Still, it depends on your materials.

Sizes and weight:

Some tig welders' size and weight are substantial. On the other hand, some tig welders are portable. The weight and size depend on the materials. If your documents are light and you can work for home, then portable tig welders are good enough.


Present tig welders are digital. They have a digital readout system and show the maintenance essentials. This option actually helps the amateurs to perform day to day maintenance. So, if you are fresher, then focus on digitized welders.


The motive of this section is to answer some common questions. These answers will not only help the community to grow the knowledge but also creates a direct bridge between the bloggers and buyers. So, the questions are here.

Is metal thickness essential for tig welding?

Yes, materials like thin steel or aluminum need tig welding. If the content is not smaller than 0.5 inches, it is not wise to tig.

Why is understanding the power source necessary?

It is an essential knowledge for tig welder users. If a user does not know the exact need for a power source, then he/she may harm the machine. So, here is the deal: when your material is aluminum, then apply AC power. In contrast, if the content is stainless steel, then go for the DC power.

Can a tig welder be used as a plasma cutter?

It is a complicated question because there are a lot of controversial answers. Since most of the users ask, we want to cut it sharp. You can cut a particular type of thin metal with a tig welder. But there is a bar. And that is, if the material is aluminum that sizes 0.65 inches small, then tig welder cannot work as a plasma cutter. So, the answer is: Yes and No.


Now it's time to wrap our tig welder reviews. We intended to filter the best reviews for beginners and professionals. Why did we decide to filter? Well, there are a lot of tig welder reviews on the internet. They are not honest enough, though the writers have injected a lot of information.

After researching their content, we decided to give an honest review. If the reports are bitter, "it is okay," but we want to ensure the best assistance. So, as a part of our support. We are recommending our one-three tig welders are the best welders. Let us know -which one you choose?