22 Must-Have Welding Tools & Accessories

22 Must-Have Welding Tools & Accessories - welderpoint

Welding is a great career choice that allows you to exert your creativity as well. The technique can be hazardous if performed incorrectly. That is why choosing the right tools and accessories is very important. In the welding job, safety is the priority. Hence, the safety tools are invaluable must-have items for the welders. 

In this article, we come up with a list of 22 must have welding tools and accessories for your safety, and they are organized based on their priority.

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1. Welding Helmet

A welding helmet is a must-have item for the welders. A welding helmet, also known as hood, is designed to protect your eyes, face, and neck from flash burns, sparks, ultraviolet, and infrared rays.

Choosing the right welding helmet is very important. Auto-darkening helmet is an apt tool for welding because it allows you to see your workpiece and the exact spot you need to work on by ensuring the security of your eyes, face, and neck. 

2. Welding Jacket

A welding jacket is a must for the welding profession. The tool is made of fire-resistant materials that keep the wearer safe from metal splatter and high heat while welding.

3. Welding Gloves

The temperature of the arc is capable of reaching ten thousand degrees and your metals can pick up the heat too. Hence you need the right pair of welding gloves. Welding gloves are usually made of heat resistant linings to protect your hands from the hot metal during welding. Gloves come in two types: MIG/Stick gloves and TIG gloves; both are available in different sizes and shapes. Gloves can be thick or thin, but thin gloves are usually best for TIG welding that ensures more precise hold.

4. Safety Glasses

Safety glasses are an essential tool to protect your eyes from tiny sparks (actually tiny metal pieces) flying all over while welding. For most welding projects, a pair of safety glasses or a grinding face shield is a must because the sparks can do potential damage while grinding or cutting.

5. Ear Protection

Ear protection is another crucial accessory because you will be exposed to loudness for a long time during welding.

6. Grinding Visor

Grinding visor is a lightweight yet strong tool to protect you from flying debris when doing grinding jobs.

7. Steel Toe Work Shoes

Steel toe work shoes are heavy-duty shoes or boots with steel in the toes. These are essential accessories to protect your toes from heavy metals that might fall on your toes at any time. 

8. Fire Extinguisher

It’s advisable to have a fire extinguisher near you whenever you are welding. Things might go wrong with the constant fire and sparks all over the area.

9. A Welding Machine

Usually, your employer will provide you with a welding machine. But if you want a welding machine in your home, you must know what kind of welding you want to perform to determine what type of welding machine you need to buy.

10. A Welding Table/Cart

A sturdy welding table or cart is a must-have item for the welders. A sturdy table or cart is essential to put your welding machine to work comfortably. And, make sure the table has wheels to move smoothly and is stable as well.

11. Marking Tools

Marking tools include:

(A) Soapstonea heat-resistant rock, is used as a marker on metals.

(B) Scribe is used to mark the metal where you want to weld two pieces together.

(C) Permanent marker is used as an alternative for the above two.

12. Angle Grinder

Angle grinders are used to remove excess material from a piece you are welding. You can also polish and cut different types of metal. This is an absolute must tool for beginners. 

13. Welding Wire

Welding wire is a thin metal rod, heated with high-intensity heat to melt it into seams to conjoin two metals.

14. Vice Grips And Pliers

The welders use vice grips and pliers to pick hot metals that cannot be held even with the gloves. The vice grips can also be used as clamps to hold some small metals.

15. Welding Magnets

Welding magnets are heavy-duty magnets, an essential tool to hold metals firmly on the surface you are working on. Welding magnets are much stronger than regular magnets and are available in different sizes and designs for various welding projects.

16. Welding Clamps

Welding clamps are used with locking clamps to hold two larger pieces together so that the job is done correctly. If you are a beginner, you might need 10 types of welding clamps in your collection. 

17. Squaring Tools

Squaring tools are a must when you are welding pieces at 90 degrees. The tools help position the items until the welding is complete.

18. Welding Pliers

Welding pliers are six tools together: a wire cutter, nozzle cleaner, weld splatter remover, chipping hammer, and nozzle and tip installer.

19. Hack Saw

Hacksaw is a manual metal cutting saw used as an alternative if there is no power in your workshop.

20. Chipping Hammer

If you are doing MIG welding or Stick welding and using flux core wire, you need to chip away slag coating continuously; otherwise, you won't see the weld underneath. Hence, you need a chipping hammer to chip away the slag for a neat and clean project.

21. Steel Wire Brush

You’ll need a steel wire brush to clean the surface of the metal you are welding.

22. Hand File

Hand files perform two very important tasks:

(A) They remove the burns in the metal caused by welding.

(B) They do an excellent job of smoothing ground edges.


What do welders do for eyes?

Always wear safety glasses while welding because the sparks and ultraviolet rays can potentially damage your eyes.

Do you need gloves for welding?

Yes, you need to wear gloves for welding. The temperature of the arc is capable of reaching ten thousand degrees and your metals can pick up the heat too. Hence you need gloves for welding.

To Sum Up,

Welding is a dangerous job and safety is the key factor of the job. You have to be well-equipped to avoid any bad circumstance. You cannot take a chance while creating your masterpiece.

Now you know the 22 must-have welding tools and accessories that will ensure your safety while welding. Make sure to collect them all to be safe at your workplace and have safe welding.