How to Use an Angle Grinder to Cut Metal

Many homeowners and workshops own angle grinder because they’re the most versatile tools that one can use easily to carry out a particular task. For example, it is perfect for cutting metals, stone, tiles, and much more.

Besides, automobile industries, plumbers, and carpenters do not lack this unique tool. That is because it helps boost productivity since it is powerful equipment. So, you won’t regret it if you invest in an angle grinder. 

Read on to learn how to use an angle grinder to cut metal.

Can I use an angle grinder to cut metal?

Of course, you can use an angle grinder to cut metal, with perfect working tools, it is safe and effective.

How to use an angle grinder to cut metal

Besides an angle grinder, you’ll need some additional tools to cut metal. For example, 

  • the right metal disc, 
  • ear muffs 
  • and a work plan are ideal
  •  a long power cable,
  •  an excellent power source, 
  • a c-clamp, and material. 

Also, there’s a need for safety tools for protection. That is because you can run into some hazards while cutting metal. 

  • Safety gadgets include eye goggles
  • gloves, and 
  • safety boots.
  • Others are long clothing and a secure floor.

Below are the steps to take when using an angle grinder to cut metal:

Get your grinder ready

After getting your tools ready:

  1. Fix the disc inside the grinder before opening the spindle.
  2. Insert the right disc and fasten the spindle bolt where it should be.
  3. Endeavor to unplug all your safety gadgets and equipment from a power source.
Mark the cut
  1. Place the metal and fix it securely on your tabletop. 
  2. After checking the disc to know whether it is working, outline your design. 
  3. You can do that by placing your hardware on the tabletop using a scratch awl. 
  4. If you’re cutting in a straight line,
  5.  mark both ends of the line.
  6.  For a zigzag or pattern cut, outline the various bends the design uses.
  7.  From there, sketch out the straight points using an awl and spot the whole outline.
  • Switch on the machine and begin to cut carefully

After outlining your task, you can turn on the angle grinder and start grinding your metal. 

  1. Plug your angle grinder into a light source and hold it tightly using your two hands. 
  2. As the disc spins, tap the etched lines smoothly.
  3.  Try and clasp the angle grinder firmly so that it won’t slip off your hands.

Maintain a specific direction

Try and be careful so the grinder will not rev offline. To prevent that, 

  1. move it to and fro along a specific line. 
  2. While exerting more pressure, you’ll observe that it may not glide through swiftly. But, don’t relent your effort until you gain deep penetration into the thickness of the plate.
  3.  Continue cutting until you reach where the mark stops. 
  4. Don’t change the direction of the grinder instantaneously.
Finish cutting

After following the above procedure carefully, you’ll succeed in cutting through your metal sheet. 

However, you’ll be aware that the edges are still sharp. 

  1. You can use the grinder on the rough cut.
  2. Just remove the disc and slip a 40-grit flapper on the wheeler lock. 
  3. Slide the accessory through the freshly cut line to smoothen the sharp edges. 
  4. Thus, you’ll now know the various uses of an angle grinder.

 You can view the link below to learn how to use an angle grinder and cut metal.


Angle grinders can cut through metals easily. Using it is highly effective and exceedingly safe one you use the perfect equipment. An angle grinder is a durable material since it can cut through hard metals. An excellent angle grinder will turn into an asset and not a liability as time goes on. So, a high-quality grinder with the perfect blade is what you need to cut your metals.

Finally, you have to protect yourself always when handling an angle grinder. What are you waiting for; get the perfect angle grinder for your metal cutting.