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Eastwood Welder Reviews & Update


welderpoint: Eastwood welder reviews: a step-by-step guide

Mechanics and engineers unanimously agree that -Eastwood welders are the best welding machines within its price and quality. Why? To answer this burning question, we have decided to give Eastwood welder reviews throughout this article.

In this article, you will get not only reviews but also a detailed walkthrough regarding Eastwood. So let's start the first session with a company overview.

Eastwood Company Overview:

Eastwood is a Pennsylvania based auto restoration company. This company has been giving the restoration solution for fifty years. Within these years, they have improved their product quality from Zero to a hundred.

As a part of this development, they have added five thousand products for solving different kinds of automotive problems. For that reason, they emerged numerous awards. And we are about to talk about these awards in upcoming sections.

Eastwood Awards For Quality Products:

In 1998 Eastwood won the "Environment excellence" award from the Pennsylvania government. Because they have successfully ensured an environment-friendly product. After this considerable achievement, they were awarded as the best "New product inventor" in 1999.

These two achievements had doubled up their business and motivation from the year 2000. As a result, they consecutively won "Winner of Popular Mechanic's ™ award for the welding machines in 2011 and 2012. Editors, mechanics, and readers are still preferring their welder tool as the best welding tool.

Don't you want to know why the people are loving Eastwood welders? Yes, And. That is why we have designed the next review section to answer your question.

Eastwood Welder Reviews:

You have already known about the glorious journey of Eastwood. Right? And here you have come to know "why people are loving Eastwood welders?". Thanks for coming. We are going to review the four welders: two of the welders are "MIG," and the next pair of welders are "TIG."

All of the welders have positive and negative sides. That is why we tried to show what we liked and did not like. So, stick with us and start to read.

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Top 4 Eastwood Welder Reviews

Our Top Rated Products:

#1st Rated

Eastwood MP250I Welder 120/240V MIG TIG Arc/Stick Weld Stainless Normal Steel

This one is very unique for its extraordinary features, It is very renowned in the market, So we select it as our first option.

#2nd Rated

Eastwood Arc 80 Inverter Stick Welder Mig/Stick Welder Hot Start Handheld Electric Arc Welder Anti-Stick 110 Volt

This one is One of the famous in the market. It has excellent reviews that's why our expert pick it.

#3rd Rated

Eastwood 175 Amp MIG Welder With Spool Gun For Steel Aluminum Flux-Core Weld 220V Powered

This very special one is unique with its functions. easy for picking who is very new this industry.This is our 3rd Choice. 

1. Eastwood MP250I Welder 120/240V MIG TIG Arc/Stick Weld Stainless Normal Steel

Author comments: Premium Choice

A handy welding tool, in our opinion. Because it has some striking features that not only can help you to weld stainless steel, sheet metal, but also will help you to weld the aluminum with an optional spool gun.

This unique feature will spice up the welding better than other tools. Eastwood, in fact, ensures the flux core welding facility in it. So we are seeing that MP250I welder provides all in one feature with a 120 to 240 voltage facility.

While we were checking the benefits, we also considered some robust approaches on behalf of the buyer perspective. And the methods are; a buyer has to buy two body parts to get the ultimate welding experience. This option might be a bit pricey.

Plus, the manufacturer could not make the instruction manual handy enough. For that reason, you may need help from youtube. Therefore, this welder machine is good enough for multipurpose use.

If you are not still satisfied with this review, three more studies are coming after the pros and cons. Let's see it then.

Eastwood MP250I Welder 120/240V MIG TIG Arc/Stick Weld Stainless Normal Steel


  • 120/to 240v
  • Flux core welding
  • Optional spool gun


  • We did not like the instruction manual

2. Eastwood Arc 80 Inverter Stick Welder Mig/Stick Welder Hot Start Handheld Electric Arc Welder Anti-Stick 110 Volt

Author comments: Best Overall

As we said, we will write about the three more welding machines from this section. Here is one of the reviews from those three. In this review, we will show the positives and negative features of "Eastwood arc 80 inverters," then we will jump to the third review. So let us start this first one.

Okay, the reasons behind loving this arc 80 inverter welding machine -are for its incredible duty cycle, inverter power, and portability. The size of this tool is almost like a lunch box. So you can take it for repairs or weld the sheet metal.

It can also give precise finishing on cast iron and stainless steel for its TIg welding feature. For a beginner, this feature will work as the best start. Since we mentioned the word "start," we want to introduce an exciting feature.

And the feature is none other than "hot start and anti kick" this feature will help a beginner to weld smoothly without frustrating the electrode stick. To do this thing consistently, the user or the beginner can control the amperage unit according to their wish.

So, it has seen that the ARC 80 inverter brought an extensive and portable opportunity for the user. But there is one thing we did not like that is - it takes time to heat the workpiece, which seems to us a sign of weld strength reduction.

However, people are still pinching five stars on this machine. Why? Let's get the answer from the pros and cons.

Eastwood Arc 80 Inverter Stick Welder Mig/Stick Welder Hot Start Handheld Electric Arc Welder Anti-Stick 110 Volt


  • It needs 110v
  • Portable
  • Lightweight


  •  It takes time to heat the workpiece

3. Eastwood 175 Amp MIG Welder With Spool Gun For Steel Aluminum Flux-Core Weld 220V Powered

Author comments: Standard Package 

Now, we are jumping to the second welding machine - that is famous for four crucial features. All these features are dominating the users' workstation. And we are going to write about their positive and aversive features.

The first feature we liked was its control. It is just like a "plug and play" option; An on/off switch, arc voltage control, and wire-speed control. This feature means you don't need to invest many types of starting.

On the other hand, you have limited options to do. Like you can weld stainless steel, sheet metal, and aluminum. Except for the earlier said welding, it does not support cast iron welding. That is the negative one.

Another positive thing about the negative feature is -it has a unique spool gun that can precisely weld aluminum that no other welder can do. Sounds pretty, right? Exactly!! For that reason, the manufacturer has introduced a sturdy hose pipe.

You can do flux core wire with this hose pipe for thin material, though there is some limit. And the limitation is; this flux core wire works only on a solid wire without solid wire it slips. Still, the DIY enthusiast avoids this drawback because of the following pros and cons:

Eastwood 175 Amp MIG Welder With Spool Gun For Steel Aluminum Flux-Core Weld 220V Powered


  • 175 amp
  • 220v power
  • Easy to control
  • Tweco style torch


  •  The flux core wire function is limited

4. Eastwood MIG 135 Welder 12011 110VAC 135A Output Tweco Style Gun Flux Core Weld

Author comments: Good Choice

Welding has become easier these days, and thanks to Eastwood for that. Their MIG 135 welder is a real example of flexibility. And we are going to write about the machine at this stage. In this writing piece, you will find -what we liked most and what we did not like.

So, the first thing is; it is perfect for an automotive DIY project. In this construction and development procedure, an automobile engineer welds a lot of stuff; stainless steel, sheet metal, aluminum, and a lot more.

To make the process smooth and consistent, Eastwood offers an easily controllable machine. It includes only on/off switch, arc volt, and wire speed. This feature means you don't have to work enough for a decent start.

The best thing about this welding machine is -it can run with household electric power. One other thing is - it has fantastic portability and spool gun installation option for aluminum welding. All the earlier said features when satisfied us; we looked for the drawbacks.

And then we found one loophole - they use a low-cost silver Chinese four-pin connector at their machine. Apart from this drawback, it's suitable for DIY projects.

Eastwood MIG 135 Welder 12011 110VAC 135A Output Tweco Style Gun Flux Core Weld


  • Perfect for DIY
  • Easy to handle
  • Portable


  • The manufacturer could improve the material

Eastwood Welder Buying Guide:

When we were preparing to write this niche review, we considered several factors. And "how to buy the Eastwood welder?" was one of our significant factors. Here we will answer the question in several stages. So, the steps are.

Welder Function & Types:

At the beginning step, we considered the existing kind of welder in Eastwood collections. In their group, there are almost three best-selling welder types. And they are:

1. MIG Welders

2. TIG Welders

3. Stick/arc welders

Why These Three Welders The Best?

In every forum: Reddit to Quora. People are recommending Eastwood and Hobart as their favorite brand. Since we are writing about Eastwood, we went for a survey about MIG, TIG, and Stick/arc welders, which were one of their preferred products.

On that survey, we found these following facts:

Why Did Mechanics Love Eastwood Mig Welders?

  • Mig welders are available to weld in all positions.
  • Eastwood ensures slag free weld for its users.
  • It is compatible for beginners to professionals.
  • It usually uses a semi-automatic welding method
  • This tool needs a little maintenance.

Why Did Mechanics Love Eastwood Tig Welders?

  • It perfectly welds the thin material.
  • This tig welder does not need any filler metals.
  • It can strongly bond Stainless steel and aluminum.
  • Mechanics have preferred this welder for superior welding.

Why Did Mechanics Love Eastwood Stick/arc welder?

  • The shield of this tool during the welding is better than any other machine.
  • To weld cast iron, there is nothing better than Eastwood.
  • In some cases, this welder creates the most durable bond.

Based on the survey, we have decided to move to the next section, and the chapter will tell about expert opinion.

Expert Opinion:

Next, we were up for the expert. Some experts willingly joined us to help us out. They talked about their experience. According to them, Eastwood mig, tig, and stick welders are best at its function.

Functions like; Eastwood consume less electricity and can make smooth welding at the automobile. Not only did it work smoothly in automotive construction, but it also worked in making metal sculpture, repairing, and fabrication.

So, we feel motivated to make a personal try after the expert opinion. Then, we decided to compare the price ratio, and we are going to talk about it in the next section.

Price Comparison.

As it is time to go for the live experience, we decided to buy four welder machines for our garage. That is why we went for the price comparison between Hobart and Eastwood. Luckily, Eastwood was better and in our budget. So, we bought four products.

Two of the products were Mig welders, and the rest of the two were TIG welders. The reason behind buying these four welders - was to complete our DIY projects and client works. After investing our money in the four welders, it seems; we took the best decision. This statement signals the conclusion.


So the end is; we tried to portray our best experiences through the Eastwood welder reviews since there is no organized welder review. Our team put their best to show the positives and negatives of each product so that it becomes easier for you to choose.

Still, there might be something missing because we wrote: "what we liked most and what we did not like." So, our recommendation is - go and click the link of amazon to see more detail about the reviewed product. On that note, we want to ensure that; our team liked the Eastwood tig welders most.