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TIG Welder under 500[Best Reviews]


TIG welding process is seen to be the reserve of the craftsman and metal sculpture. This can look pretty costly to get started on TIG welding. But is it? While there’re a few costly TIG welder options on the market, there are also affordable ones. With less than 500, you can instantly get started on TIG welding, capable to pull off the challenging but rewarding skill of TIG welding you’ll need the best TIG welder less than 500.

Unfortunately, in an industry flushed with TIG welders selecting the right welder is simpler said than done, in our quest to find the best TIG welder under 500, we sampled several different welders. But eventually, we narrowed it down to 7. Here’re our top 7 best TIG welders under 500 you can buy.

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Our Top Best TIG Welder under 500 :

Best Overall

  • Its a a multi-procedure welding machine
  • good option for light usage 
  • It comes with a gas hose

Great Value

  • Very impressive price
  • It is compatible with a foot paddle
  • It is a 3-in-1 welder

Premium Choice

  • automatic temperature
  • better IGBT inverter
  • Its works for home projects and makes welding easy

7-Best TIG Welder under 500

Author comments: Best Overall

It is called a multi-procedure welding machine because it can do TIG, MIG, and stick welding easily. It comes with stunning design and features. Forney 322 Multi-Process Welder is MIG ready and having a regulator as well as a gas hose for changing among welding systems without any issue and in close time.

Forney 322 Multi-Process Welder is a desirable welder for farms, automotive, home equipment,and small and light industrial projects. It is Stick and MIG welding ready and for TIG welding you’ve to buy a foot pedal and touch separately.
Forney 322 TIG Welder is easy to work with. All the instructions are provided in the manual and indicated on the device. So one can easily understand these and operate this machine easily. It’s considered to be a versatile welder because it can do TIG, MIG, and Stick welding extremely efficiently. So, it’s called a 3-in-1 machine. It comes with a gas hose and regulator for the natural changing welding procedure.

This machine comes with Stick and MIG welding ready. Despite this, one can TIG with this welder by buying a foot pedal and torches and fixing these with the engine. 

Forney has improved the design of Welding machine, and this upgraded version includes torch wrap for organizing wire and a torch which is made for damage-free that makes sure the long life of the wire.
This welding machine has a cast aluminum drive system and double geared idler that makes sure better cable feeding and helps to work with heavy materials. It’d give the stableness of the job to boot. The Cable that Forney provides is more quality comparing with other brand’s wires.

Forney 322 Multi-Process Welder


  •  It comes with 5 years warranty
  •  It only weighs 38 pounds
  •  It operates on double voltage input of 110, 120 volts, and 220/240 volt 
  •  A good option for light usage 


  •  It has only run on a 20 percent duty cycle at 100amps
  •  low 140 amperage output 

Author comments: Great Value

For less than 500 getting a three-in-one welding machine is a great bargain. And that is what you get with the LOTOS CT520D 50 AMP Air Plasma Cutter. It combines a TIG and sticks welder machine with a plasma cutter. Here is what we think more about the welding machine.

Firstly, it is an impressive welding machine for its price. And with an output of 200amps, it packs quite a strong punch. The plasma cutter has an output of 50amp which is good to cut through ½” thick metal. While it has a maximum output of 200amps, you can turn it down to fifteen amps. This means it’s able of welding thinner metal sheets.

Unfortunately, this is a DC-only welding machine, so if you’ve plans of welding aluminum, this is not the best option for you. All the same, it’s able to welding with stainless steel, copper, steel,and alloy steel. As for the plasma cutter, you can utilize it to cut copper, steel, and even aluminum. Also,it has double voltage abilities and can use either a 110 volt or a 220-volt power outlet.
This is a great machine for the price. At just below 500 it’s best for TIG welding steel, stainless steel, and copper and steel. Also, the fact that you can utilize it as a plasma cutter is a huge plus. Not forgetting that it is capable of being used for sticking welding jobs.

LOTOS CT520D 50 AMP Air Plasma Cutter


  • It is a 3-in-1 welder that comes packed with a TIG, Stick welder, and plasma cutter
  • The machine is well built for a machine in its price tag 
  • Measuring 17 by 8 by 11” and weighing about 38lbs it’s light and portable 
  • It is compatible with a foot paddle which is purchased separately 
  • Can be plugged into a 110-volt power outlet or a 220-volt power outlet 


  • The wires that come with this welding are rather small 
  • It is a DC only welder and can’t weld aluminum 

Author comments: Premium Choice

If you’re on the lookout for a welding machine that can give you the unique combination of stability and brilliant ARC and advanced IGBT inverter technology, then your search is bound to come to an end and once you pick this machine.
The durable and strong components of this welding machine make it a perfect option for undertaking heavy-duty usage. Adequate protection is rendered from over and below voltage fluctuations so that you can stay abreast of every change of accidents. It also provides the stability of being hooked up to both 115 volt and 230-volt outlets, therefore, adding to its versatility.

The presence of automatic temperature feature control and steeples amperage controls makes it right for being used with several types of generators. You can simply measure the operational metrics by taking a look at his vibrant screen amperage while the start-up stands guaranteed at 100 percent coupled with the extreme frequency service.

The power and lightness of its parts make it the right choice for being used both by professionals as well as DIY persons.
The AMICOTIG-225HF welding machine is our pick for the premium TIG welding machine under 500. There’re plenty of reasons behind this welder being our top choice. The welder comes with strong ARC stability, 2 power outlets, automatic temperature, and a better IGBT inverter. Welding is not confined to any surface place and that is probably what the manufacturers bear in mind while designing AMICOTIG-225HF welder. Since it is so versatile, it works finely on home projects just as well.

AMICOTIG-225HF, 225 Amp DC Welder


  • Actions can be initiated simply due to the ultra-smooth ARC in the system 
  • When it comes to calculating amp this welder is pretty correct and handy 
  • This welder comes with a one year warranty on the manufacturing also you can have free technical support on this welder
  • The company provide the most effective customer support
  • The duty cycle of the welder is 60 percent along with featured as the high frequency at the first level.


  • Don’t recommend this welder for welding thin metals
  • The welder doesn’t come up with a foot pedal option

Author comments: Best Overall

You can now make the most out of top-quality welding coupled with the HITBOX TIG Welder 200A TIG200P which can run on generators with more than 500W of power. Its inverter technology makes the usage of the transformer almost superfluouswhile adding to its portability for mobile welding jobs.

The less power consumption also leads to a huge saving in energy which in turn paves the way for an eco-friendly process. Though, it’s imperative to note here that DC welder can’t deal with aluminum which needs AC high frequency for such processes.
Longer leads might rootyou to lose voltage making it essential to use drop wire and regulate the setting to a higher node thereafter. No control can be exercised by the torch for setting the welding ampere. It’s advisable to separately buy a TIG torch for setting amperage levels.

Its digital ammeters make it simple to keep a tab on several settings while the pulsed-high jobcaters to ultra-thin areas without any deformation. The TIG welder machine doesn’t make a ruckus even while keeping itself cool with sufficient protection against over-voltage, below voltage, the heat emitted, and over current.



  • Has ultra-smooth ARC which initiates its action simply
  • Pretty on the spot in regards to the amperage
  • Features top frequency start and duty cycle of 60 percent.
  • The manufacturer provides one year warranty on the product and free of cost lifetime technical support 


  • Doesn’t have a foot pedal option 
  • Can’t weld aluminum 

Author comments: Best Quality

The EVERLAST Power ARC 160STH comes in a lightweight and small design. You can easily pick it up and move it to the only location for your welding job. Of course, where there is power. So, it is also best for those offering mobile welding services or for those that need to be able to simply move it around for performing daily welding jobs around the shop.

The double voltage ability allows you to put the welder into a big outlet or an industrial energy source. For various quick tasks around the home or shop, you can use the 120 volts. You will also be mostly using this voltage if you’re a professional welder in the portable repair business. You will be able to set up a machine anyplace where a power outlet is present. 

For a heavy production job, you can switch to 220 volts and carry out any bigger and time-consuming tasks. The welder also gives plenty of power with the operating range being 10-160amps. There is a digital display on the unit that’ll help you select the precise present setting for your particular project.

The duty cycle for the welder is 35 percent at 160 amps. So if you are running the machine at full power, you will have 3.5 minutes before you will need to stop and let the welder cool down for 6.5 minutes. Remember that if your work needs high productivity, this might limit your efficiency. Though, if you are not doing professional engineering, a 35 percent duty cycle should be enough for your work.

Another great advantage of this EVERLAST Power ARC 160STH is the IGBT inverter design. It is what gives the fine performance of the unit. So what you acquire are smooth ARC, an automatic-regulated ARC pressure control, and an automatic-adaptive start.



  • Stick and TIG capability.
  • Dual voltage versatility.
  • Auto-adaptive hot start.
  • Auto-regulated arc force control.
  • HF and Lift start.
  • Auto-regulated arc force control.
  • Includes impact-resistant carry case.
  • Great performance with a stable arc.
  • Portable and small IGBT inverter design.
  • Easy to use 
  • Five-year warranty for labor and parts.


  • No foot pedal included, it has to buy separately 
  • No AC options, so this welder mightn’t be the option for you if your work needs welding a lot of aluminum. You can perform DC stick welding aluminum but you will need a separate more costly aluminum rod and it is an overall very complicated procedure.
  • Does not have enough power for industrial work 

Author comments: Great Value

Most TIG welders now plug into a standard outlet. That can provide you a decent weld, but it would not provide you a warm weld. With this welding machine, you can convert it into 220 so you get a warmer weld. That makes it handy for household repairs, a small side hustle, and several other small to medium welding jobs.

We found that it’s able to burn DV reserve rods decently well. We used E6010, 13, and E7018 rods, every 3/32s, and cloud welding from virtually any angle with relative ease. One note on going up to a higher voltage, the included plug type is ranked to 15amps, so you would not get the max amount of heart from this welder you rewire it.

The puddle is about what you would expect to see on a TIG and Stick welder that’s affordable. It is not smooth and there’s a slight splatter that develops when you are working. With a slight practice, you can work it out so that you are not stuck with some pinholes or trapped slag.

The unit, as a whole, is pretty light and comes with a carrying handle at the peak of the case. It has 85 percent rated efficiency, features a 1.2m grounding wire, a 1.8m weld holder able, and a protection level of IP21. You can vary the present form 20amps. You can vary the present from 20amps up to the maximum amperage, with a cycle duty at the full amperage of 60 percent.
For most small to medium tasks, it’s going to work efficiently – even if you have not completely prepped your materials.

There’re better welders on the market now, but not essentially at this price. Certain challenges must be met when looking at the final weld, but if you know how to work with a pool, you will be pleased with what can be accomplished with such an inexpensive welder. Take little time, get to know the equipment, and we feel like you will agree with me that SUN GOLD POWER 200Amp TIG ARC MMA Stick welding machine is a tremendous value buy.



  • Advanced control module IGBT with 110v and 220v to enhance the performance of the welding machine, letting operators tackle different jobs with relative ease.
  • It has over-voltage and below voltage protection, also overload and over-current protection, so operators can focus more on the job instead of on how the tool is operating.
  • The amount of splatter is relatively low, particularly compared to the value of penetration that this machine can achieve.
  • There’s an automatic hot-start built into the welder.


  • Lack of aluminum welding
  • Not good for traditional 110 volt 
  • Very basic for professional welders 

Author comments: Best Choice

The LOTOS LTP5000D is a 50 amp, double voltage,and non-touch ARC plasma cutter. This hand plasma cutter gives a ½” clean cut. Same to its brother, this welding machine is also capable of delivering extreme cutting performance despiteits small design.
The LOTOS LTP5000D Pilot is ideal for continuous cutting on rough or dirty metal surfaces. Also maximizing MOSFET transistors, this TID welding machine tends to give high power output in cutting thick metal, while a steady output in cutting thin metal sheets. Hence, it’s likewise an ideal for small and light-duty projects as well as home do-it-yourself jobs.

In this particular variant, LOTOS makes use of a well-known IGBT, which is the new high-frequency inverter, to give a more consistent, more concentrated,and extra precise current towards the cutting surface.A similar technology substantially decreases the sizes and extreme weights that TIG welding machines and plasma cutters are famous for.
The overall design and technology utilized in this handheld plasma cutter let for smooth and clean cuts of various materials and surfaces, including steel, brass, stainless steel, aluminum, and several other conductive materials. It also lets for minimal heat input without any distortion of the metal.

Thus, this welding machine has been specifically made for DIY persons and businesses, accommodating the complete demand of both professional and novice welders. Also, this particular variant has an ergonomic handle for optimum portability, while makes utilize of non-harmful compressed air in material cuttings.

Overall, the LOTOS LTP5000D welding machine is a good buy if you’re a weekend warrior looking for a strong welder with a low price tag. No other welder under 1000 has the power and features that this machine has. The fact that it has a pilot ARC and cheap consumables-make it that much greater choice! If you’re a professional welder, then LOTOS LTP5000D is not an ideal option for you. 

LOTOS LTP5000D 50Amp Pilot ARC Plasma Cutter


  • Best value for the money
  • Top-quality components
  • Stick and TIG welding are combines with plasma cutting
  • Easy operation and configuration 


  • Only provides DC option 
  • Not good for heavy-duty use 
  • Cannot weld aluminum 

Best TIG welder under 500 buying guide

How do you know a TIG welder is perfect for you? There’re several factors to consider when buying a TIG welder. Here’re the most vital features that should influence your decision to purchase a TIG welder.

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TIG welding needs an external gas tank, which can boost the overall weight of your TIG welding equipment. For on-the-move jobs, portability is vital. Also, if you’re looking to spend 500 for a welder, then you’re probably looking for something to use on the go. A lightweight welder will be simple to carry and will not increase the weight of our welding equipment.

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Amperage range

The amount of strength produced to heat the ARC is measured in amperage. The higher amperage mean the hotter ARC rating. Though, a high amperage is not forever a fine thing. A higher heart output is not good for welding thin metals. On the other side, a lot of heat output is not perfect for thicker welding. For TIG and amperage range of among 15-200amps is recommended. You get enough heat to work on thicker metalsalso thin gauge metals.

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For a welding unit to work, it must be plugged into a power source. This can have a voltage of 110, 115 220, or even 230 volts. Most homes have power outlets with an input voltage of 110 volts. Though, most industrial areas have power outlets with 220 volts. To avoid issues, I recommended looking for a machine that has a double voltage plug. This means it can be plugged into a 110-volt power source and 220 volts power source.

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Duty cycle

The duty cycle is one more vital feature to consider. The duty cycle determines how long you can constantly use your welder before it cools. A longer duty cycle is great, particularly for heavy-duty jobs. For welders that cost under 500 a 60 percent cycle will do.

Conclusion :

After going through the best TIG welder under 500, you’ve probably identified the finest TIG welder under 500 based on your needs. Because when it is all said and done, it comes down to your requirements. Therefore, when shopping for a TIG welder be keen on what you need. If you need a welding machine to weld steel and aluminum go for that runs on AC and DC. Though, if steel is all you’ll be welding a DC machine will do just great. Ultimately, any welding machine has advantages and disadvantages, depending on how you look at it.