Our Mission And Vision for The WelderPoint

The welderpoint is generally started with a targeted goal, which is helping the people, who wants to enter in this beautiful welding profession.

Here, basically I provide all the best welder reviews, welding process, welding tools and their buying guideline which is totally unprejudiced.


This is Smith,


I have been involved in welding industry for the last 9 years and still now I am working for this profession, Furthermore, loving welding and getting experience in those particular companies.

I got lots of information about welding industry, welding process, and its tools oriented any objects, from my childhood I just have fashion about it but when I grow up, I don’t know the accurate time of entering in this humongous job.

Actually, my family loves to working in this welding sector and I must say this is key point for me to involve in this welding sector. In fact, I learn lots of techniques and tips about welding process and its tools.

Now, I want to share my working Experience with the others who want work in this beautiful arena. That’s why I am always ready to share my welding experience with them. However, lots of blogs and web pages, magazines, articles I have written with real product reviews by me which I think might be useful for a welding beginner.

More about me…

Q. What’s your favorite welder?

A. Hobart 500559 Handler 140 is my favorite. Sometimes I go with a different brand like Miller Electric Millermatic 211 at the time of writing is my favorite.

Q. How old are you?

A. Now that doesn’t matter does it? At the time of writing, I’m 62 years old.

Q. Are you a qualified welding man?

A. Simple answers – Yes. Long answer – I am in this profession since 2010-2019(running.). I love sharing information, writing article and blog about welding especially various types of welders for the help of others.

So, Plz Keep reading all the articles here and let me know ​​​​what do you think about this site? Using the contact form.

Thanking You,

Gerald J. Smith

Last Updated on September 26, 2019